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Welcome to Bowflex World

Dust off your Bowflex and take the dirty laundry off the power rods. It's time to get motivated! This site is for Bowflex users to pick up some extra workout ideas, tips, or learn a bit about diet.  There are also reviews and articles for people who may be considering buying in the future.

What Is a Bowflex?

You've probably seen all the infomercials, but just in case you haven't...

The Bowflex is a home gym made by Nautilus.  It can give you a whole-body workout in one fairly compact piece of equipment.  (You generally need at least a 6 foot by 6 foot space to have enough space to use the Bowflex).

It uses tension rods instead of stacks of weights in order to provide resistance.  As with the machines at the gym, you can select the resistance you want.  This is done by hooking one or more tension rods to the piece of the machine you'll be using.  

The Bowflex comes in many models.  While all look distinctly Bowflexy with their adjustable bench, power rods, etc., more expensive models offer more features, so you can very your workouts more.  For information on specific models, check the reviews at the top of the menu to your left.

*This site is not affiliated with the Nautilus Group or Bowflex.


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